NEW YORK – October 17, 2017 – Investis, a leading digital communications company, today announced the release of myInvestis5, a major upgrade to its industry-leading audience insight platform. The myInvestis platform is a unified multi-lingual cloud-based digital communications solution, combining traditional web analytics, multichannel publishing/monitoring and organizational corporate audience insight.


Consistent with the Investis product development approach, most of the upgrades, which strengthen the analytics and usability were directed by the software users themselves. Investis added the new features as part of its mission to simplify the user experience, creating insight and putting end users in full control of their digital channels.


Key Features include:


• Advanced Website Analytics - Understand which channels bring the most traffic, how individual website sections perform and what users search for on your site.

• Visitor Insights - Identify visits from 480,000 individual companies and your shareholders to monitor most viewed content, track prospect behaviour, and understand upselling opportunities with existing clients.

• Corporate E-Mail Analytics - Custom html creation and real-time visibility about the performance of your corporate communications.

• Video Analytics - Insights around geographies, engagement and redistribution allow you to make informed decisions about you go forward video strategy.

• Social Sentiment Analysis & Notification – Manage your online reputation and be the first to know when the sentiment in the market shifts significantly across Twitter and over 250,000 online publications.

• Webcasting Analytics - Make better decisions about the structure of your webcasts by understanding who your viewers are and how/when they prefer to consume your webcasts. 

• Detailed Reporting - Receive weekly, monthly, quarterly and yearly detailed PDF reports to monitor insights related to your digital channels.


“It truly is a one-of-a-kind out-of-the-box solution to manage your entire web estate from a single location. It offers up-to-the minute insight on audience behavior and providing actionable insights to help make informed decisions on how to best manage your digital channels and content,” said Investis Chief Digital Officer, David Corchado.


Investis recently announced the acquisition of digital marketing agency ZOG Digital, enhancing its suite of corporate communication services, including delivery of content to key stakeholders, enhancing brand visibility and driving customer engagement and acquisition.


About Investis

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