Mobile and social are the two biggest factors accounting for an encouraging improvement in the quality of corporate websites as the latest IQ Rankings, released today, reveal. Mobile scores, which consider whether and how companies are offering a dedicated mobile site, are using responsive design, or have an IR or corporate app, have leapt by over 30% globally. Social Media scores, which measure whether corporate sites have social functionality and look at whether they are linking to social accounts used primarily for IR or corporate communications, have also risen by nearly 18%.


The S&P100 saw a significant uptake in the number of companies opting for mobile-optimization – with a score increase of 46%. The real shift has been in the number of companies building responsive websites: a quarter of the S&P100’s sites are now responsive, compared to just 12 companies six months ago. Scores are rising more slowly in the European indices, averaging between 25% and 30% - here the story is less to do with the number of companies adopting mobile solutions but rather that those that have are growing increasingly sophisticated in what they provide. However, despite these improvements, half of the DAX30, 57% of the S&P100 and 61% of the FTSE100 are yet to offer any mobile-optimized solution.


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The DAX30 and the OMXH25 saw the greatest improvements in the use of social media, both climbing 7%. The S&P100 saw modest growth – but US companies still lead the field for social overall. By contrast, the FTSE100 is beginning to lag: scores improved but as an index they are now 8% behind the DAX30 and 12% behind the S&P100.


All indices have seen their overall scores improve. However, the FTSE MIB’s average score rose by less than others – and recorded worrying falls in Media and Investor Relations sections and in general Usability. The FTSE100 and the DAX30, on the other hand, saw improvements in every single category.


  Average Score (out of 100) % Change on Q1 2013 score
FTSE100 55.70 4.09%
DAX30 61.10 4.39%
OMXH25 59.24 3.42%
FTSE MIB 46.17 1.07%
S&P100 52.20 3.18%
CAC40 53.92 3.29% (over Q3 2012)
OMXS30 51.33 N/A
OMXC20 51.29 N/A
All Companies 54.03 3.29%

Not scored since Q3 2012 or first time scored; these scores have not been included in averages for this quarter.


Responding to the latest rankings, Marcus Fergusson, Head of Research at Investis, said:


“We’ve been banging the mobile drum for some time now. Our latest research shows that visits from mobile devices have driven a 24% increase in the overall number of visits to corporate websites over the past two years. In light of this, it’s encouraging to see from our IQ Rankings that a large number of companies have taken this message to heart and are actively working to serve their mobile audiences. However, too many companies are yet to wake up to this critical shift in digital communications.”


We score each index once every six months: this quarter Investis scored FTSE100, S&P100, DAX30, CAC40, OMXH25, OMXS30, OMXC20 and the FTSE MIB. For more information on the IQ benchmarking service, please contact Marcus Fergusson on, call +44 (0) 20 7038 9000 or visit


Top 20 companies scored this quarter:

Company Index Overall Index Rank Overall Rank
Bayer DAX 30 81 1 1
BP FTSE 100 79 1 2
Royal Dutch Shell FTSE 100 76 2 4
Aviva FTSE 100 76 3 5
Centrica FTSE 100 76 4 6
BASF DAX 30 75 2 7
Pirelli E C FTSE MIB 75 2 8
Deutsche Post DHL DAX 30 74 3 9
Nestle SMI 74 1 10
Unilever FTSE 100 73 5 11
BAE Systems FTSE 100 72 6 12
Daimler DAX 30 72 4 13
Metso Group OMXH 25 72 1 14
Anglo American FTSE 100 71 7 15
Henkel DAX 30 71 5 16
Telecom Italia FTSE MIB 71 3 17
Royal Bank of Scotland Group FTSE 100 70 8 18
British Land Co FTSE 100 70 9 19
Land Securities Group FTSE 100 70 10 20


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