Mobile is widening the gap in the quality of companies’ corporate communications as the latest IQ Rankings, released today, reveal. Historically high scoring companies have extended their lead over companies further down the list because of mobile, despite the technology’s universal importance. The rankings, updated for Q1 2013, now include a more extensive range of mobile criteria, to reflect the recent dramatic rise in visits from mobiles to corporate websites. In the FTSE100, 36 of the top 50 companies have either an app, dedicated mobile site or a responsive design website; only 12 companies in the bottom half of the index do the same. It is a similar story in the DAX30 with 14 of the top 50% of the index providing for mobile as opposed to just 7 companies in the bottom 50%.


What is striking about website use across all indices is that a company’s market cap has little bearing on the way that the website is accessed. Mobile accounts for large proportions of website visits on the websites of small-caps, mid-caps and large-caps; there is very little to differentiate between them. Our latest research* puts average mobile visits to corporate websites at 15.9%, up from 7.8% just a year ago.

Overall, indices have seen a general fall in their average score as the lack of mobile readiness amongst their constituents has pushed the score down. The exception is the DAX30, which narrowly avoiding receding by just 0.1%.


  Average Score (out of 100) % Change on Q3 2012 score
FTSE100 53.51 -1.7%
DAX30 58.53 0.1%
OMXH25 57.28 -1.6%
FTSE MIB 45.68 -1.4%
S&P100 50.59 -0.7%
IBEX35 42.50 -3.7%
PSI20 34.50 N/A
All Companies 51.27 -1.4%


First time scored and thus has no change; the score has not been included in averages for this quarter.

Responding to the latest rankings, Marcus Fergusson, Head of Marketing at Investis, said:

“Developing an app, mobile site or responsive website should not be the preserve of companies who regularly perform well in the rankings, but every company that has a website. Companies cannot afford to fail their visitors by preventing them from finding the information they need, but for too many companies this is what is happening. Clear water is opening up between companies that offer a mobile solution and those that do not.”


Top 20 companies scored this quarter:

Company Index Overall Index Rank Overall Rank
Bayer DAX30 81 1 1
Aviva FTSE100 79 1 2
Royal Dutch Shell FTSE100 76 2 3
Centrica FTSE100 75 3 4
BP FTSE100 75 4 5
Deutsche Post DHL DAX30 75 2 6
Unilever FTSE100 73 5 7
Henkel DAX30 72 3 8
Telecom Italia FTSE MIB 71 1 9
Pirelli E C FTSE MIB 71 2 10
ENI FTSE MIB 71 3 11
Anglo American FTSE100 70 6 12
Land Securities Group FTSE100 70 6 13
Royal Bank Of Scotland Group FTSE100 70 6 14
Daimler DAX30 69 4 15
Deutsche Bank DAX30 69 4 16
General Electric S&P100 69 1 17
Unicredit FTSE MIB 69 4 18
BAE Systems FTSE100 68 9 19
BASF DAX30 68 6 20


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The IQ survey was conducted in the first quarter of 2013 based on index constituents from the beginning of October. The IQ Ranking is the most comprehensive and authoritative of its kind, assessing nearly 200 criteria in measuring website quality and performance. Investis now scores more than 700 companies every six months, offering a unique view on the evolution of corporate websites for its clients and partners.