Investis CEO, Helen James, joins the British trade delegation to India this week as we announce our intention of expanding further into the Indian market. Our first step is to put the digital corporate presence of some of India's leading public companies under close scrutiny as we extend our long-running IQ Benchmarking service to cover the BSE 100.


The move comes as Investis joins a British business delegation to India, organised by UK Trade & Investment. Helen James, CEO of Investis, is one of 100-plus leading business representatives accompanying the Prime Minister in Mumbai and Delhi this week.


She said of this move:


"Investors across the world have rightly recognised India as a significant growth market, but they expect a higher standard of corporate communication than is currently on offer. Our research shows that Indian public companies are generally behind their counterparts in Europe and America in terms of how they communicate with their investors and stakeholders. By assessing how the BSE 100 uses corporate websites, apps and social media, we will be able to see how this developing market compares to the global competition."


Trade and Investment Minister Lord Green said:


"We are on track to double our trade with India by 2015. India has the potential to become one of the largest markets in the world. Investis are rightly recognising that they can reap the rewards of looking outside Europe for trading partners, selling goods and services to high growth markets outside the EU.

"Government is clear that we must build deeper ties with India. This means supporting and encouraging a range of companies, both large and small, to do business there in the future, and I am delighted that Investis are part of the delegation for this trip."


Investis already has a significant presence in India. Our office in Gujarat employs 200 people and has been open for six years. The office has previously focused on working with primarily European clients, from corporate websites, mobile sites and apps to providing on-going service and technical expertise. While we count a number of Indian plcs amongst our clients, this is the first time we have proactively targeted the Indian market.