Improving communications to the mobile audience remains the biggest driver of change to companies’ digital presence, according to the latest Investis IQ Rankings, released today.


Companies are continuing to invest heavily in dedicated mobile sites and responsive web design but social media, which has been one of the biggest growth areas for digital corporate communications recently, has shown little growth. For example, of the 331 companies scored for these rankings, 50 companies have started using responsive design or have launched a dedicated mobile site. By contrast, just 12 companies have started a corporate Twitter account.


The southern European indices saw the greatest improvement. The average score for the Spanish IBEX 35 was up 5% and for the Portuguese PSI 20 by 4%. With the exception of the Danish OMXC 20, all indices saw an improvement.


Widespread regional variation was seen in terms of the proportion of companies improving their corporate digital presence and thus increasing their overall scores. Three quarters of Portuguese PSI 20 companies made changes, compared to just over a third of Danish OMXC 20 companies.




The DAX 30 and the FTSE 100 have seen a marked slowdown in the number of companies improving their digital presence. The last time they were scored 80% of the DAX30 and 59% of the FTSE 100 recorded improvements – these figures are now down to 43% and 40% respectively. However, these indices remain at or close to the top of the international league table: high scoring companies have less flexibility in terms of making improvements.




Responding to the latest rankings, Marcus Fergusson, Research Director at Investis, said:

“Mobile and responsive web design in particular were the main areas of growth over the past 6 months. However, this has been largely driven by smaller companies catching up with companies of a greater market cap, many of whom had begun to address their mobile audience at the beginning of 2013 or earlier. Many of these bigger companies have been content to consolidate their achievements in these areas rather than taking on new challenges.”


We score each index once every six months: this quarter Investis scored the FTSE 100, DOW JONES, S&P 100, DAX 30, OMXH 25, OMXC 20, IBEX 35 and the PSI 20. For more information on the IQ benchmarking service, please contact Marcus Fergusson on, call +44 (0) 20 7038 9000 or visit


Top 20 companies scored this quarter:

Company Index Overall Index Rank Change in Ranking
Bayer DAX 30 77 1 0
BASF DAX 30 76 2 0
Royal Dutch Shell FTSE 100 75 1 1
BP FTSE 100 75 2 -1
Centrica FTSE 100 74 3 1
Iberdrola IBEX 35 73 1 2
Aviva FTSE 100 72 4 -1
Tesco FTSE 100 72 5 7
Anglo American FTSE 100 71 6 1
Fortum OMXH 25 71 1 1
Hewlett Packard S&P 100 71 1 10
Metso Group OMXH 25 71 2 -1
Henkel DAX 30 70 3 2
British Land FTSE 100 70 7 2
Land Securities Group FTSE 100 70 8 2
Novo Nordisk OMXC 20 70 1 1
SAP DAX 30 70 4 9
Tullow Oil FTSE 100 69 9 4
Deutsche Bank DAX 30 69 5 1
Kemira OMXH 25 69 3 2


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