Investis’ ranking of corporate websites in the fourth quarter of 2012* shows that the number of companies using social media has reached the tipping point. 40% of FTSE250 companies have a corporate social media presence, up from just 14% of companies a year ago. These results refer only to those accounts used specifically for corporate communications and linked to from the corporate website, giving an accurate measure of corporate uptake and engagement. We’ve also seen social media growth in Europe, with the MDAX up from 20% to 44% while the SMI20 now has an impressive 60% of its constituents using social media. The rate of growth shows that companies will soon be in the minority if they continue to avoid the social trend.


Overall the rankings show the average score to have grown by nearly 1.4%. When the same indices were scored six months ago, the average score had fallen by over 5%. This was partly caused by changes in our methodology at the beginning of 2012, but also due to a lack of investment in corporate sites – this growth, though modest, is encouraging.


  Average Score % Change on Q2 Score
ATX20 45.20 -1.31%
FTSE250 42.84 1.11%
MDAX 43.70 0.69%
RTSI 34.21 1.46%
SMI20 54.45 4.61%
Overall 42.70 1.36%


The SMI20 remains the highest scoring index with a score just a fraction less than that recorded by the FTSE 100 in Q3 2012. The SMI20 also showed the most improvement over the past six months (up by 4.6%) while the average score of the ATX20 continues to fall.


Commenting on the latest results, Marcus Fergusson, Head of Social Media at Investis said:

“We’ve seen the use of social media for corporate communications increase enormously over the past 18 months. We are now approaching a stage where talking about social media as an optional add-on is no longer relevant; it is rapidly becoming a day-to-day part of how communities communicate and as much a part of corporate communications as a press release or an RNS feed.”


* We score each index once every six months: this quarter Investis scored the FTSE250, the MDAX, the SMI20, the ATX20 and the RTSI.


Top 20 companies

Companies Index Overall Score Index Rank Overall Rank
Nestlé SMI20 72 1 1
Atkins FTSE250 70 1 2
UBS SMI20 67 2 3
Roche Holding SMI20 65 3 4
Credit Suisse   SMI20 64 4 5
Balfour Beatty FTSE250 63 2 6
ABB Ltd SMI20 63 5 7
EADS MDAX 62 1 8
Telekom Austria ATX20 61 1 9
easyJet FTSE250 60 3 10
Go-Ahead Group FTSE250 60 4 11
International Personal Finance FTSE250 60 5 12
Stagecoach Group FTSE250 60 6 13
Novartis SMI20 60 6 14
Swisscom SMI20 60 7 15
Catlin Group FTSE250 59 7 16
New World Resources FTSE250 59 8 17
Shanks Group FTSE250 59 9 18
Cairn Energy FTSE250 58 10 19
Cobham FTSE250 58 11 20