Visits to corporate websites are up by almost a quarter (24%) in two years according to the latest Investis research, and the increase is being driven by mobile devices.


The findings are published in Investis’ Audience Insight Report, which draws on two years’ worth of data analysing traffic to 60 corporate websites from a range of indices, totalling more than seven million pages views per month.


The report tracks the evolving use and changing requirements of visitors to corporate websites, and shows that the number of visits from mobile devices to corporate websites has increased by 400% in two years.


iPhones and iPads continue to dominate the corporate world, with two-thirds of mobile visits coming from an Apple device despite Android leading the way in terms of global market-share. In spite of this growing trend, the global average of companies offering a ‘mobile-friendly’ website (either a responsive site or a dedicated mobile site) is just under a quarter – 23%.


However, European indices have improved rapidly. In Q3 2012, just 11% of the FTSE 100 and 23% of the DAX 30 had a mobile-friendly solution, compared to 31% and 47% today. Conversely, growth in America has slowed, with the S&P 100 seeing a rise of just 8% in the same period.


Commenting on the research, Marcus Fergusson, Head of Marketing at Investis, said:

“Mobile has been a hot topic in digital corporate and IR communications for some time. Our research now shows conclusively that mobile use has meant that corporate and IR website content is being consumed more often and more frequently than ever before. Ensuring that the mobile audience is addressed may result in additional pressures on communications budgets – but it is now clear that there are tangible benefits in so doing.”


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