The majority of companies have now abandoned their dedicated mobile sites in favour of responsive web design, according to the latest Investis IQ Rankings, released today. The IQ Rankings benchmark corporate websites and companies’ use of digital media, scoring them out of 100 for aspects including usability, corporate governance, corporate responsibility/sustainability (CSR), investor relations (IR), use of mobile and use of social media.


At the beginning of 2013, the dedicated mobile site was the number one choice for companies seeking to communicate with their mobile audience – with nearly two-thirds of all companies that had a mobile site solution choosing this option. Today, just 14% of companies with a mobile site solution have a dedicated mobile site while 86% have fully responsive websites.



Over the past four years, the proportion of visits to corporate websites from mobile devices has risen from 5% to 24%. After a slightly slow start, the number of companies with a fully responsive website or a dedicated mobile site has increased from 5% to 48%. However, given the importance of the mobile audience, this is a worryingly low percentage.



The situation improves when one includes companies that have made at least one section of their website mobile friendly – but, even then, 37% of companies are still not catering for their mobile audience and in some indices the situation is even worse.



Responding to the findings, Marcus Fergusson, Research Director at Investis, said:


“For some companies, with particularly complex or data-heavy websites, a dedicated mobile site with restricted content may still make more sense. But for the vast majority, a fully responsive site is the logical way to go.


“It’s good news that more companies than ever are using responsive and are offering a mobile-friendly site – but far too many are failing their audience entirely or (most noticeably in the States) have only made one section of their site mobile-friendly. These companies need to get with the mobile programme.”



We score each index once every six months: this quarter Investis scored the UK FTSE 250; the German MDAX; the Austrian ATX; the Swiss SMI Expanded; and the Russian MICEX/RTS.


The IQ survey was conducted in the second quarter of 2015 based on the current index constituents at the beginning of April. The IQ Ranking is the most comprehensive and authoritative of its kind, assessing 200 criteria in measuring website quality and performance. Investis now scores more than 1,650 companies each year, offering a unique view on the evolution of corporate websites for its clients and partners.


For more information on the IQ benchmarking service, please contact our Research Director, Marcus Fergusson, on, call +44 (0) 20 7038 9000 or visit


Top 20 companies scored this quarter:

Company Index Overall Index rank Change in ranking
Nestlé SMI Expanded 76 1 0
Atkins FTSE 250 71 1 0
Tullow Oil FTSE 250 70 2 n/a
Roche Holding SMI Expanded 70 2 0
Credit Suisse SMI Expanded 69 3 +2
UBS SMI Expanded 68 4 0
Aggreko FTSE 250 67 3 n/a
Halma FTSE 250 67 4 -2
Erste Group ATX 67 1 0
Swisscom SMI Expanded 67 5 +1
Bilfinger MDAX 66 1 +1
Amec Foster Wheeler FTSE 250 66 5 -1
William Hill FTSE 250 66 6 +3
ABB SMI Expanded 66 6 -3
Zurich Insurance SMI Expanded 65 7 0
Rexam FTSE 250 65 7 -1
National Express FTSE 250 64 8 +10
Balfour Beatty FTSE 250 64 9 -6
Go-Ahead Group FTSE 250 63 10 -5
Novartis SMI Expanded 63 8 +3


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